About Us

Definition of tight-knit
: closely integrated and bound in love or friendship
a tight-knit family

Tight Knit Clothing is inspired by hip-hop, the city of Toronto and street fashion. I created Tight Knit Clothing because I saw what other local brands were doing in Toronto, and I wanted to offer something better. Toronto vs Everybody? Not for me. We’re better than that. Let’s keep it tight.

I wanted to create dope designs, use great fabrics and source materials and sell products I am proud of. I wanted to create something unique and not piggyback on the 6. I wanted to make clothes that I would wear, if and if others wanted to wear it too, then that’s tight.

Being able to create a design from start to finish, and sell products across the continent has been a truly remarkable experience and I am very thankful for everyone’s support.

Another benefit of creating this brand was being able to support local artists and creators. I have worked with local artists and content creators like Kardinal Offishall, Langston Francis, Miles Jones, Gordon Ross, Kayo, Classified, and The Warehouse Group to name a few.

Tight Knit Clothing is all about connecting our city and bringing everyone together. We’re family, we’re #TightKnit